• Everyday you make 35,000 choices
  • one day you will have to choose who to go to to for financial advice
  • Choose someone you can trust
  • If you don’t know where you’re going then any road will take you there


Our strength lies in our relationships with our clients.

We have kept the vast majority of our original clients and our clients pay for, expect and deserve a professional and personal approach.
Your Bank may roffer a less than personal service, even if they still attempting to offer a decent range of Investment Advice, but our approach will always be to deal with clients personally and to respond promptly to calls, emails & letters.

We understand the importance of responding to your enquiries within reasonable timescales, of communicating as often and how best suits each individual client .

Most importantly - we understand the importance of following through with what we say we will do.

  • Simon Wardley -

    Financial Adviser

    Chartered Financial Planner, B Sc (Econ). APFS

    Simon is an Economics Graduate and has an overall career in Financial Services of over 33 years. Let's leave it at that....

    Simon is responsible for the ongoing improvement of the firm as a highly professional adviser, both in terms of the quality of advice that we offer and of the overall service.
    He is also responsible for the production of seminars to Professional bodies, including the West London Chartered Accountants Group

    He has also provided Technical advice to a number of other Professional Adviser firms, who have recognised the value of his specialist qualifications and expertise in Financial Services.

    In keeping with the firm 's outstanding policy over the years of advancing professionalism, Simon has been awarded the title of Charted Financial Planner from the Chartered Insurance Institute.



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